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I am amazed at how few ghostwriters have any background in the study of literature. Most also lack formal training and experience in editing, writing, grammar, style, research, linguistics, textual analysis, or the publishing industry. Some don't even have a college education. Shouldn't the ghostwriter you choose be formally trained in all aspects of the language arts?

I received encouragement to be a writer at an early age from two of the most famous novelists of the twentieth century: Erle Stanley Gardner and Walker Percy. Gardner wrote the incredibly successful Perry Mason series of detective stories, and Percy produced New York Times bestsellers such as Love in the Ruins. Their belief in my work has been a lasting inspiration.

William Hammett, Independent Ghostwriter and Editor

In graduate school, I studied editing, research, and textual analysis with Dr. David Bergeron, former editor of the prestigious journal "Shakespeare Quarterly." I studied poetics with renowned New Orleans poet Raeburn Miller, and was privileged to study the history of the English language with acclaimed author Professor Leslie Whitbread. I also attended lecture series by such greats as Professor Maynard Mack, world-famous Shakespearean scholar, and was taught by experts (and authors) on Mark Twain, W. B. Yeats, Herman Melville, Louis Carroll, and William Styron. I graduated with Masters degrees in English and Education.

Early jobs in my apprenticeship included editor of the Gold Newsletter, author of articles for a weekly New Orleans newspaper (Figaro), and author of promotional literature for Tulane University. While teaching the craft of writing at universities, I sold poetry and short stories to respected hard-copy literary journals around the country. (See my short story "Orphans" in the online Rose and Thorn.) I then began writing novels under my own name.

I wrote John Lennon and the Mercy Street Café in 2007 and received emails about the book from around the world. The novel was taught in colleges as part of courses on Magical Realism. I subsequently became acquainted with friends of the surviving Beatles and a former classmate of John Lennon. The latest novels under my own name are Street Magic, Circling Goes the Wind, Rimsky Rises, and The Ghost of Richard Brautigan. Borderline (a crime novel) and one other title are due out by 2019.

While most ghostwriters enter the profession in order to work from home and get extra income, I have been involved in writing, editing, and publishing for almost my entire life, Borderline, crime-fiction novel by William Hammett(including twenty years as a professional ghostwriter and editor). In an era when the professionalism of ghostwriting is declining due to misleading online ads by unqualified individuals and ghostwriting companies that are really vanity publishers, I am committed to honesty, integrity, and great writing. The written word should always reflect truth.

When not writing, I follow the New Orleans Saints, the Green Bay Packers, and the Boston Red Sox. I am an amateur musician, dabble in astronomy, and enjoy making my region's beloved red beans and rice. I read books on lucid dreaming, quantum physics, metaphysics, spirituality, near-death experiences, and American and European history. I love the films of Ken Burns and religiously watch American Masters and Nova on PBS. Downton Abbey is a must. I love folk music, classic rock, and various contemporary artists. And then there's reading fiction. I read everything! As C. S. Lewis said, "There's no book too long or cup of tea too large when it comes to finding enjoyment."

If I can help you with your writing – fiction, nonfiction, or your memoirsplease drop me an email at hammetghostwriter@gmail.com. I get countless queries a year, but I answer all of them personally. Thanks for stopping by!

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 William Hammett

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