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Note: The following excerpt has been used with the permission of a former client and/or the publisher. Please note that I can adjust my prose style for a particular genre, and the following is not intended to represent my full range of styles or the number of genres I consider. For nonfiction, the level of complexity can be adjusted depending on client preference. .

The work of contemporary metaphysical authors is also highly motivational in nature. These authors advocate visualization, time management skills, meditation, deep relaxation, hypnosis, and the power of intention to achieve desired goals. The most promising new concept to emerge in the field of metaphysics and motivation, however, is Quantum Decision, or QD.

Quantum Decision hinges on an important corollary of quantum physics, which is that the space-time continuum is far more malleable than scientists have heretofore believed it to be. Newtonian physics, for example, regards time as linear, progressing unwaveringly from past to present. But many physicists now suspect that the present can be influenced by messages sent from both the past and the future. The Quantum Decision is based on selecting the desired message.

First, let's examine the provocative notion that the present is somehow shaped by the future, an outgrowth of the belief that all time is merely a single point that is expanded according to the mindset of the observer. QD depends on accepting the fact that all possible futures that can exist do exist as part of a branching, endless number of parallel universes.

But how does one access the desired parallel universe? QD advocates saturating the mind several times a day with thoughts of the desired outcome, but this mental saturation differs from contemporary concepts of intention and manifestation in terms of the mechanism by which it produces results. Its basis is scientific rather than mystical in that every brain emits a distinct electromagnetic signature. We are able to attract a particular future since it, too, is characterized by a specific electromagnetic wavelength, a resonance that extends backwards in time. In this case, the law of attraction is electromagnetic in nature, with like seeking like. Indeed, in QD theory, the very reason possible futures can be contemplated at all is because the future has already communicated with the present at the unconscious quantum level.

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