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You may be wondering whether you should write your life story. What if you're not a celebrity or haven't slashed through the jungles of the Amazon? Is your story worth telling?

Personally, I think everyone's life is interesting. If you simply want a book to pass on to your children and grandchildren—one that relates your history and that of your ancestors— a family legacy memoir can be a beautiful gift for generations to come.

Ironically, many people who believe they have nothing special to say do indeed have compelling stories. Many who have written family legacy memoirs discover during the process of composition that the hardships and drama in their families—even scandals and those skeletons in the closetómake for compelling reading.

Quite a few Hollywood movies tell the stories of ordinary people whose silent struggles or daily routines translated into a great screenplay. Maybe there''s a more inspirational narrative to your life than you realize.

Thatís not to say you'll end up on the silver screen. In fact, the odds are against it. But maybe your story can educate generations yet to be born and bring a smile to their faces. Perhaps they will learn who they are because you took the time to write a family legacy memoir.

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 William Hammett

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Write a book.



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