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Ghostwriting Companies ~ Misleading Advertising

Don't assume that a company is more qualified to help you write and publish a book than an independent ghostwriter. Keep the following in mind. Most ghostwriting companies use hundreds or even thousands of subcontractors to write their books.

  • Most ghostwriting companies are not based in the United States. Most are operated from the Philippines regardless of U.S. addresses or phone numbers. A majority of ghostwriting websites are fraudulent.

  • Very few (if any) company writers are actual employees even if they are labeled as "on staff." Nor do they work "on site."

  • The thousands of subcontractors are not award-winning or bestselling authors. Fewer than 5% of their writers can make this claim

  • Companies deal in volume. The overwhelming majority of their customers become self-published and receive no royalties.

  • Beware of deceptive advertising. Companies do NOT turn out thousands of bestselling books.

  • Many companies use on-the-job training programs for a majority of their writers. Do you want a "student" to write your book?

  • Beware of glowing endorsements from two or three literary agents or editors. They work with fewer than 5% of company clients.

  • Most ghostwriting companies are really print-on-demand (self-publishing) companies that use ghostwriting services to attract publishing clients.

  • Companies state that the more money you pay, the better writer you will get. Your book deserves a quality writer, not one who falls on a sliding pay scale based on how much you pay.

  • Some companies charge less than $1,000 to write and publish your book. Would you let your doctor perform bypass surgery for $1,000?

  • Companies attempt to upsell clients on extra services and package deals that can cost $40,000 to $150,000. The package deals (and the money) have little effect on the success of the books produced.

  • Companies boast of their "team approach." Great books are written by great writers, not by a team. Don't place your book's composition on a corporate assembly line.

  • Ninety percent of corporate ghostwriting websites contain grammatical errors. If a company cannot write its own online advertising copy, how can it give you a well-written book?

  • Over the years, I've been listed as a company writer for six ghostwriting companies. I was not affiliated with any of them. Names, pictures, and profiles of respected ghostwriters are stolen from other sites since company subcontractors usually have no professional reputation or serious credits to their name.

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