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Border Crossings by David H. BeydaDavid H. Beyda, MD is Division Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He's also Chair and Professor of the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism at the University College of Phoenix Medicine as well as Professor of Pediatrics. Dr. Beyda contacted me about the medical mission trips he makes with his team to third-world countries to provide urgent medical care to the poorest of the poor – people who have been forgotten and receive little or no medical care or nutrition.

David first showed me his rough draft that chronicled the stories of dozens of individuals suffering from disease, homlessness, and malnutrition. It was both shocking and captivating to read his first-person account of a man dedicated to bringing love, acceptance, and care to those who are invisible to the rest of the world. I was privileged to edit Dr. Beyda's book, Border Crossings, published in 2016 by Covenant Press.

Here are a few kind words from Dr. Beyda's acknowledgements page: "To Bill Hammett, who when given a task to edit my words, took it on, made my words flow and gave them a polish that only Bill could have done. Many thanks, Bill, for all the hours of pouring over my blogs, taking the stories, and getting them to read as one big adventure and always keeping my words and style intact."

I now call David my friend (as I do many other clients) and hope that his book will inspire people to become more aware of the desperate need for medical care in countries where people are often left to die. The book may be purchased at Amazon or at Dr. Beyda's website.

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