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Ghostwriting a Series

Street Magic by William HammettHave you written a series of novels that you wish to expand? Do you have an idea for creating a series with recurring characters and themes in a certain genre? Many writers enjoy creating an entire fictional world over the span of many novels, with a recurring protagonist such as an action hero, famous detective, time traveler, wizard, cowboy, or other figure featured in each book.

I have helped clients create or expand such series, enriching or building from the ground up a franchise of novels that readers can read in sequence or independently. The most recent genres for which I have done this were mystery/detective, action, suspense, and thriller. I write in many other genres as well, however, and love to write science fiction, romance, horror, fantasy, young adult, and middle readers.

For a complete list of genres in which I work, click here to see Topics Considered. You might also enjoy checking out Fiction and Nonfiction to learn more about my philosophy and method of writing novels.