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I'm bestselling ghostwriter and editor William Hammett – cousin of legendary mystery writer Dashiell Hammett (author of The Maltese Falcon). I believe good writing can be summarized by four words from Ernest Hemingway: "Getting the words right." I know publishing, and when I work one-on-one with a client, that's what I do: Get the words right.

I'm not a moonlighter who put up a website.

I don't work for ghostwriting companies that are really just vanity publishers.

And I'm not a scammer who pretends to be an independent ghostwriter but who is really head of some mysterious writing staff or POD firm.

What sets me apart from the competition is that I am formally educated and trained in writing, editing, and publishing. With 30 years of experience and one hundred books written or edited, I'm a seasoned professional whose work has appeared in literary journals and bookstores around the country. The latest books under my own name are Circling Goes the Wind and Rimsky Rises, with Street Magic and The Ghost of Richard Brautigan due out in March of 2015

When you contact me, there's no "management team" trying to sell you additional services such as printing and promotion. I advise clients on these areas for free. And I don't subcontract work to other writers the way large ghostwriting companies do.

I'm the only expert you need.


Some of my clients have been represented by A-list agents such as Meredith Bernstein, Stuart Krishevsky, and James Cypher, as well as the Hill Nadell Literary Agency.

Clients have been published by Harper, Tor/Forge, Sterling and Ross, Bennett and Hastings, Warrior Group, Story Plant, and many more reputable publishers of hardcover and mass market paperbacks.

Clients have been reviewed or interviewed by the following:

  • Publishers Weekly
  • Midwest Book Review
  • PBS
  • National Public Radio
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Booklist
  • The New York Times
  • The New York Post
  • The Washington Post
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Atlanta Journal Constitution

I have worked for celebrities, first-time authors, bestselling authors, Hollywood directors, an Oscar-nominated film producer, doctors, sportsmen, educators, academics, motivational speakers, headline-makers, housewives, retirees, businessmen and women – people from all walks of life. A recent client was endorsed by one of the most successful authors on the New York Times best seller list.

The Ghostwriting Process

The ghostwriting process is nothing short of magic. Your ideas, concepts, and storylines will be turned into compelling narratives that will entertain, motivate, and energize your readers. It's time to give the soul of your book or eBook some flesh and bones, so if you're ready to unleash the awesome power of words, let's get started!

You retain all rights, ownership, and profits to your book. Confidentiality is ensured, and your name will be the only one on the cover.

Send me a brief description or outline – even a few pages – of your project, and I'll tell you what I think at no charge.

Tell Me Your Story

If you are serious about publishing a book or an eBook, please contact me. You'll be talking to me, William Hammett, the person who will actually write your manuscript.

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